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The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.

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              Lahoal is an industrial enclave, 12 Km away from Dibrugarh Town and surrounded by a large number of villages, tea gardens and paddy fields. Majority of common folk of this area basically depend upon agriculture and rest on daily wage for livelihood. Earlier, the students of this area used to go outside Lahoal for higher education, but it was hardly possible to for the students of far remote villages to study at the urban colleges due to their poor economic background and poor communication network. However, due to explosion and expansion of higher education towards the end of 20th century, the need to create a new atmo ....

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From Principal's Desk

  Mr. J.P. Dutta, M.A., Eco., Pol. Science, M.Phil.  

At the very outset, I offer my heartiest welcome to all the newcomers of Lahowal College. C ....

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