Why we thought of Sanchay ?

     Sanchay is a Micro saving unit, which is started 2013 in view of interest for our students and employes. As we all know today’s world has become very much complicated and save as our society. We have seen that the boy’s and girl’s of this generation are not very conscious about the society, politics as well as the economical part as a whole. So we the Lahowal College from time to time try to create awareness among the students. Regarding household as well as social responsibilities so that safe, happy and progressive future life can be expected.
    To live a happy, prosperous and successful life knowledge regarding earnings is very much essential and also knowledge regarding expenditure and saving’s is of great need. It will greatly help in smooth running of a person’s life as well as the society at large. So in order to upgrade the future generation regarding savings has become very much essential and for that purpose we are organizing a new schemes for savings because savings in happy days surely help us in overcoming problematic situations in near future.

“Today’s saving future’s safety.”

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