(Affiliation under S.C.V.T. Govt. of Assam)
Why we thought of I.T.I ?
     In the 21st Century the problems of unemployment and underemployment among the rur-urban youths is the major hindrance in the development of the nation. This ever growing problem can be solved by providing appropriate vocational education to the rur-urban youths. Thus  INDUATRIAL TRAINING INSTITUTE is another adjunct to address this key  ssue of empowering rural youths in the college and adjoining areas with vocational education along with their academic programmes.

*    providing appropriate vocational education to students. 

*    Overcoming problems of unemployment and underemployment, showing the path to enhance incomes

      and thereby improving the standard of living of the local inhabitant.

*    To develop dignity of labour among the youths.

    We are happy to let you know that I.T.I (Industrial Training Institute) introduction is another Great-task of our college and the institution is affiliated  under S.C.V.T. Govt. of Assam. At first time 14 trades have been Launched. These are as follows :

1.    Fire Technology & Industrial Safety Management.      (Duration : 1year)
2.    Architectural Assistant.                                                     (Duration : 1 year)
3.    ITE & SM (Information technology & Electronics system maintenance.)
                                                                                                       (Duration : 2 years)
4.    P.P.O. (Plastic Processing Operator)                              (Duration : 2 years)
5.    Electricians                                                                           (Duration : 2 years)
6.    COPA (Computer Operator Programming Assistant)
                                                               (Duration : 2 years)
7.    Hair & Skin Care.                         (Duration : 1 year)
8.    Marketing Executive                   (Duration : 1 year)
9.    Mechanic Diesel.                          (Duration : 2 years)
10.    Secretarial Practice.                 (Duration : 1 year)
11.    Office Assistant cum Computer operator.         (Duration : 1 year)
12.    Cutting & Sewing.                                                   (Duration : 1 year)
13.    Floriculture & Landscaping.                                  (Duration : 1 year)
14.    Horticulture.                                                             (Duration : 1 year)

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