Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development



    ISARD is an organization which underscored the importance of environment friendly agricultural approaches in Upper Assam dominated by mono cropping of crops like tea, paddy and vegetables crops. The institute realizes that students in the rural areas are the future of this earth and they must be imparted skills of organic farming methods and are to be attracted towards agriculture and allied activities for self employment opportunity resulting in food- security. To sustain life in this planet, the soil, air and water must be protected and students can play the most important role and ISARD’s main role is to empower the students to do so.

Objective :-
    The Institute of Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development aims to retain rural youths to the strongest part of our economy-Agriculture and develop environmental stewardship among the youths promoting sustainable agricultural practices in respective villages.

Activities –
·    Imparting vocational knowledge on sustainable agricultural and allied activities to rural students along with the Regular academic courses.
·    Action research and training programme on various aspects of organic Farming.
·    Involving students in conservation of traditional seeds varieties.
·    Research on the applications of Vriksha-Yurveda (Tradional Indian plan science)
·    Setting up of an organic farming resource centre which would act as a clearing house for information of organic practices.
·    Training programmes for farmers and various groups.

     Production of Audiovisuals, Publication of Newsletters, Manuals, Posters and Monograph on Sustainable Agriculture practices.

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