The infrastructure and facilities available in the main College building are amongst the very best. This is a three story building in a beautiful and serene atmosphere ideally suited for study. The Vice Principal’s room, teacher’s common room, examination control room, Department of Education and Sociology, Psychology lab, Chemistry lab, Biology Lab, Library room and girl’s common room are at the ground floor. Department of Science, Department of Economics and Pol. Science, Physics lab are at the first floor. There are 31 class rooms well equipped with sufficient furniture, green/white boards with proper sitting arrangement. Each classroom is named with a famous and revolutionary person in the field of literature, social service and science.



           The principal’s room, the Office room, the office for “Open and Distance Learning” and Cash counter are in the ground floor to provide easy access to the parents, visitors, student and staff. The first floor equipped with 100 computers, which is a training centre as well as the office of NIELIT. The building is under CCTV surveillance and well equipped with computers, printers, Xerox machine etc.  


The “BHUPEN HAZARIKA PREKHYAGRIHA” is just next to the Main College Building with 1500 seat capacity. Various cultural as well as college meetings are conducted here.


The “MAC Centre” and “iON DIGITAL ZONE” are in the third building. There are total 1000 computers in both lab, which are used for various All India Online Examination.

There is a training centre of Apollo Medversity under DDUGKY with well-equipped laboratory facilities.

The ITI workshop is just next to this building

Besides it, there are three Hostels for boys and girls.

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